A specialist professional sports performance programme.
Designed and delivered by NLP Principles

Coaching for elite performance is evolving fast!

We share and train advanced human behaviour & psychology techniques that focus on the difference that makes the difference, enhancing personal and team performance where and how it matters.

Are you keeping up and staying ahead?

When in the business of elite sports teams you want be in full control of staying ahead of the competition, building & maintaining winning teams, as well as creating a team spirit second to none.

You do not want to be powerless while other teams leave you behind, having relationships of team members and staff left to chance, unable to get the best from everyone ultimately resulting in poor performance.

We have a feeling you’ll want to hear what NLP Principles can show you...

"The difference that makes the difference"

NLP Principles is an internationally accredited human behaviour & psychology consultancy.

Using neuro-science techniques we help you topositively influence the behaviour of players & key team members.

We focus on improving sports peformance where it matters, identifying player’s motives, motivations and much more, refining management communications & optimising behaviour.


We only focus on what matters

Our work with you on this programme will focus on 3 key areas.


Learn how to influence a player and improve their performance.

We all experience the world through our own set of perceptual filters. Understanding a person’s filters or patterns gives us tremendous insight into how they think, evaluate and make decisions.

We work with you to determine, recognise and utilise a player’s patterns so you can powerfully tailor your communication to that individual and effectively positively influence their behaviour and performance.


Building a team that delivers your strategy & tactics?

The interaction and communication between players on and off the pitch is key to the team delivering your winning strategy and tactics.

Knowing how to motivate an entire team before, at half-time or after a match is

also a fundamental key to success. Learn advance techniques that enable you to construct feedback, ensuring team talks or one-to-one’s resonate with each player.


Who is focusing on the important people behind the players?

Multiple factors and functions of your team contribute to success; Leadership, Management, Coaches, Recruitment...

As you learn about the players you will realise the knowledge gained to drive performance is just as important for management, coaches and other key functions in order to build a great team.


We operate a ROI business model meaning our PROMISE to you is that this programme we will be a ZERO cost investment.
We design our performance services to either make or save you at least a 300% multiple of your investment in us.


Discover & Define

We listen to understand what where you are now and how you want performance to improve.

Develop & Train

The ultimate goal is sustainable positive impact which can only be done with effective training of your team.

Sustain & Report

Alongside your team members we present back to you how business performance has been improved


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