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Unlike other training & coaching programmes our work with you ALWAYS begins  by understanding what specific outcomes you need to see as a result of your leaders, managers and employees working-through the programme with us.

We follow a 3-step process

1. Define & Discover: How we get started?
The first piece of essential work we will do is listen to understand where you are now and exactly where you want performance to improve. We then immerse ourselves inside your world to gather information, which could be interviewing staff, job shadowing or possibly secret customers to enable us to identify & share the opportunities for performance improvements.

2. Training & Develop: Evolving core competencies and capabilities.
The ultimate goal for us is to provide a sustainable positive impact for your business. This can only be done with effective knowledge transfer & training of your team. As experienced internationally accredited human behaviour science trainers & organisational change experts, our information transfer workshops that kick-off the programmes are combined with a period of performance coaching to embed new skills & behaviours that last.

3. Reporting & Sustaining: Performance improvements that last.
In the closing phase we provide a detailed report on how your business performance has improved against all the metrics identified in the initial phase. Not only will you be provided with an extensive report by us, you will also have the benefit of your very own team members presenting to you to demonstrate how this programme has impacted them and will have a lasting impact on the business.



Boost the morale of your team even further by having them gain an internationally recognised NLP certification on completion on the programme. When we speak ask about this and we'll share how this can be achieved.


Working with NLP Principles know that you are working with the right people with the right level of expertise. Our coaches and trainers have not just come from the classroom sharing pure academic theory or hypothetical study. We ONLY have coaches and trainers that have proven first-hand practical real-world experiences based on a foundation of leading businesses.

Our trainers, coaches, mentors and consultants have experience from bootstrapped start-ups, scale-ups to 7-figure turnover, and holding senior operational and leadership positions within large organisations. This is coupled with boardroom experience alongside Venture Capital and Angel Investment fundraising and company acquisitions, gives you an understanding that you are in good and safe hands.

Beyond our in-field experience, our training is created, developed and provided to you via International grade Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainers, certified Master Practitioners & Coaches.

We can genuinely say and be the difference that makes the difference for you, your career  & your business.


If you are looking for quicker 1 or 2 day workshops that can up-skill your team these workshops are perfect for you.

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Just some of quotes from clients after working with us...

NLP Principles business training was exceptional. Lee’s high-level knowledge of human behaviour was evident in every conversation we had; every question was answered in an easy to understand yet detailed manner. The in-person training and coaching made the content easy to understand, making it easy to implement strategies in real time. Work with NLP Principles they won’t disappoint!

M. Taylor

QUOTED AFTER the Business Performance training & Coaching Programme

Lee's knowledge of NLP and business is incredible and he has a unique way of cutting through the fluff to convey the core message and content that makes a difference. In person he has a rare combination of humour, support, skill & integrity which is fabulous to experience. The training  followed core principles and yet was artfully customised to be specific to our needs.


MeNtal Reconditioning Coach


I really enjoyed every moment of the training & coaching and would highly recommend. The content in the workshops and the folders issued had so much relevant information, that I keep referring back to it even now. I really enjoyed learning about NLP and working out what people’s personal behaviour preference really so that I can help them. Work with NLP Principles if you get the chance.

N. Lintern

SGN trainer & Coach
QUOTED AFTER completing an NLP  certiFication  COURSE


Well, we literally wrote the books on it!

What people are saying about our books

It's clear when you read this just how much Lee knows and how passionate he is to help others, providing in-depth, research backed NLP. His clear logical mind mean that you'll take so much from this book and NLP Principles approach. I can't recommend this highly enough as being a perfect guide companion for your NLP journey.

Andy Coley

Award Winning NLP Trainer,
ANLP Ambassador & TEDx Speaker.

This book is a great way for anyone who wants to learn NLP to understand how modern NLP can be used. If you are already a practitioner or training NLP and want to deal more intensively with the content, this book will also be a great help with many references to original source material & manay possible applications for NLP. 

Bert Feustel

NLP Master Trainer and
INLPTA Co-Founder

NLP is the study of excellence. Many people learn NLP theoretically, few have the capability to apply it bring understanding and excellence. Lee is one of those rare individuals. He bridge's the gap with his keen intelligence, observational capability & excellent humour, supported by high integrity and professionalism. 

Aliyah Mohyeddin

NLP Master Trainer and
Dynamic Communications Founder

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