A specialist hospitality business performance programme.
Designed and delivered by NLP Principles

The hospitality industry is changing fast!

We share and train advanced human behaviour & psychology techniques that focus on the difference that makes the difference, enhancing business performance where and how it matters.

Are you keeping up and staying ahead?

With high-end hospitality you need to be in control of staying ahead of the competition, building premium experiences & relationships, resulting in loyal customers.

You do not want to be powerless, leaving the hotel or bar environment, atmosphere or service to chance resulting in poor customer experience & ultimately poor business performance.

We have a feeling you’ll want to hear what NLP Principles can show you...

"The difference that makes the difference"

NLP Principles is an internationally accredited human behaviour & psychology consultancy.

Using neuro-science techniques we help you to positively influence the behaviour of customers & team members.

We focus on improving business performance where it matters enhancing customer experience & engagement, refining your levels of service & optimising business processes.


We only focus on what matters

Our work with you on this programme will focus on 3 key areas.


How do you want people to feel & behave at your venue?

We all experience the world with our senses; see, hear, feel, smell, taste. One of those stimulates the way we respond more than the others. We work with you to determine what kind of behaviour you want, not only your staff but also your customers and design a tailored environment and experience that covers all 5 senses.


What experience would you like customers to have?

The interaction customers have with your service and staff is key to build lasting relationships that result in a loyal customer base. We ensure your level of service matches the experience you want for customers by providing your employees with advanced communication skills ensuring each customer has a tailored experience.


Where would you like business performance to improve?

Multiple functions of your business contribute to success; Leadership, Management, Marketing, Sales, Recruitment... Whether it is strategy, planning or process we have real-world experience to help you determine exactly where you are right now, where you want to be enabling and a clear plan on how to succeed in every function.


We operate a ROI business model meaning our PROMISE to you is that this programme we will be a ZERO cost investment.
We design our performance services to either make or save you at least a 300% multiple of your investment in us.


Discover & Define

We listen to understand what where you are now and how you want performance to improve.

Develop & Train

The ultimate goal is sustainable positive impact which can only be done with effective training of your team.

Sustain & Report

Alongside your team members we present back to you how business performance has been improved


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