A specialist recruitment and career profiling programme.
Designed and delivered by NLP Principles.

Recruitment is more competitive than ever!

We share and train advanced human behaviour & psychology techniques that focus on the difference that makes the difference, enhancing recruitment business performance and helping candidates with career development where and how it matters.

Are you keeping up and staying ahead?

In the highly competitive recruitment industry you need to be in control of staying ahead of the competition, building premium products & relationships, resulting in loyal customers.

You do not want to be powerless, leaving the success of candidate acquisition and job placement to chance resulting in poor interview success rates & ultimately poor retention.

We have a feeling you’ll want to hear what NLP Principles can show you...

"The difference that makes the difference"

NLP Principles is an internationally accredited human behaviour & psychology consultancy.

Using neuro-science techniques we help you to positively influence the behaviour of candidates & hiring staff.

We focus on improving performance where it matters by discovering detailed behaviour preferences that help not only the candidate to know what is the right opportunity, but als the hiring company know exactly where to investigate for capability and culture fit.


We only focus on what matters

Our work with you on this programme will focus on 3 key areas.


What are your behaviour preferences and unique abilities?

We all have our own collection of behaviour preferences that influence what and how we do what we do. In a work context this will appear in decision making strategies and ultimately direct you consciously or unconsciously towards the skills you have or seek to acquire. We work with you to determine what kind of behaviour preferences you have to ensure that you have full awareness of what career and job type will suit you best for career progression.


What questions and where should investigation be directed?

Knowing how you prefer to operate and in what environment can be a super power when seeking new employment or a career change.  We ensure that with this self-awareness you are accompanied with your very own set of questions to ensure not only are you a good fit for the company but the company is a good fit for you! 


What questions and where should investigation be directed?

Multiple functions, departments and teams in a business and a new candidate may be joining the 'company' but more importantly he will be joining a team. With awareness that behaviour traits can contribute to the success of a candidate integrating inside Leadership, Management, Marketing, Sales, Recruitment, etc. We will provide a list of areas that you may wish to investigate in an interview to ensure you select the correct candidate for the position and team.


We operate a ROI business model meaning our PROMISE to you is that this programme we will be a ZERO cost investment.
We design our performance services to either make or save you at least a 300% multiple of your investment in us.


Discover & Define

We listen to understand where and how you want business performance to improve.

Assess & Profile

We work through discovering the candidates behaviour preferences.


Our reports provide intel for the candidate and the interviewer to ensure a successful fit.


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