NLP Principles

A Quick Message to you from our Founder Lee Groombridge...

Welcome to  NLP Principles. If this is our first opportunity to introduce ourselves, our business, and our services to you an extra special welcome, I’m excited for you to hear and see what we can do together.

No matter what goals you have, what line of business you are in or what skills you possess, we know that the ‘how’ you do what you do and your ‘attitude’ towards what you do is directly related to your levels performance, output and results you achieve.

At NLP Principles we are ultimately in the business of behaviour change, specifically the changes that enhance your performance where it counts to get you the results you want and need to succeed. We focus on the following four key areas to enable you and your business to develop, grow and get even better:





When you work with us you are gaining access to a premium service with leading-edge, world-class advanced human behaviour & psychology models, methodologies and change techniques.

Please take a moment to look through the services and training we have on offer for you and choose a relevant masterclass, selecting course and certification or opting for a full coaching & consultancy programme, to allow us to share and show you how we can improve your performance and ultimately achieve the results you want, starting from today.

A Quick FIRE Q&A

Some questions answered by our founder  Lee Groombridge to provide more insight into why and what we do...

Why did You start NLP Principles?

Quite simple, I wanted to provide a solution for something I found hard to find. There were plenty of people and places that offered business coaching and plenty of places that offered NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coaching and training but each one I found fell strongly on one side and not the other; strong business coaching and mentoring without the knowledge of behavioural psychology or, impactful NLP coaching and training that unfortunately left you searching for the practical next steps to utilise your new holistic skills. NLP Principles prides itself on providing both sides of this equation and at a high-end international level of standards.


I find it incredible strange that Neuro-Linguistic Programming has not gained mainstream attention or adoption as the body of knowledge contained within the field of NLP is extremely useful and powerful and it is shame that it is missed or in some cases dismissed by many. However, on the other hand it is something that once learned and understood, this does provide an opportunity for a competitive advantage. I have personally found, along with the people we have trained, with this knowledge you never look back and practically use NLP every day. There are many reason beyond this answer why I personally choose NLP  as my go to methodology and I would genuinely love to have the opportunity to share these with the people that engage with us by either coming to our courses, taking a masterclasses or experiencing the work we can do within businesses through a coaching/mentoring programme or special project.

how long have you been doing nlp?

I've had a keen interest and studied NLP for over 20 years, in early 2018 I decided to take my interest more seriously by starting the journey to become a professional certified NLP Master Practitioner and Internationally Accredited NLP Trainer with the leading global NLP body INLPTA  (International Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainers Association) and becoming a Trainer Member of ANLP (Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming)

what is your business background BEFORE NLP PRINCIPLES?

Many moons ago I had a career that stretched a decade in Magazine Publishing and Multimedia Production. This experience led to me launching an online advertising agency with two co-founders which eventually over the years morphed into a digital online advertising platform. In 2018 the company was acquired and about a year later I stood down as the CEO and exited the business to pursue a new direction and opportunity. This enabled me to focus my efforts on studying NLP to the highest possible level and mastering the skills that go into personal and executive coaching and mentoring . I feel very fortunate and grateful to have had such a varied career experiences with some incredible people and training experiences with genuinely the world's best in their field. Clients of NLP Principles will see the influences from these experiences and definitely without doubt benefit from.

what excites you about nlp principles?

As a company our mission to be a positive transformational force in people's lives and businesses by providing the highest possible standards and elite performance enhancement, focusing on positively influence the difference that makes the difference - behaviour change. As an individual I cannot help but be motivated when I witness people have breakthroughs and transform in front of our eyes with the knowledge we have provided. What better feeling is there than seeing a person achieve an incredible personal goal, something that a short time before seemed either impossible or too hard to reach. 

What others say about Lee...

"Lee operates at a very high level. He's strategic and stoic as well as being someone who thrives on taking action. He lives and breathes integrity. I trust him and I enjoy time with him. Lee's one of those people who, put simply: you're better off for knowing."

Sam Dyer

Company Director & NLP Coach

"Lee's level of awareness, sensitivity, care and intellect is what makes him such a fascinating person to know. I cannot imagine a single person that would not be able to comfortably connect with him and be fascinated from his insights. He is exceptionally astute. It's one thing a person being able to observe how and why you operate the way you do, but quite another for them to have the experience and skill to plan and facilitate the change you want to make in yourself."

Michael Barnett

Director / Owner
7AM Limited

"Lee is an absolute inspiration. His vision and drive is a real guide on how to succeed in life. He has been instrumental in how I have forged my career and I owe a great deal to his advice and guidance which he gives unreservedly. His sense of business and eye for detail has allowed him to reach the very top of his profession, influencing those around him and encouraging them to do well."

Paul Hilton

Senior Lecturer
Bournemouth UniVERSITY