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NLP Master Practitioner
in 2025

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    Our trainers are certified and accredited professional members of internationally trusted organisations and
    proudly bring you certified courses by these recognised NLP bodies.

    Who is a NLP Master Practitioner for and why?

    This course is a much more in-depth level of NLP mastery. There is a deeper dive into the world of modeling and you will get to learn all the advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques and knowledge. If you are a NLP Practitioner and you feel that you want to take your NLP journey further and even think about becoming a NLP Trainer at some point then this course is perfect.

    This course is ideal if you are

    Certified NLP

    Wanting to further your NLP education and journey.

    Qualified NLP

    Wanting a more advanced techniques and skills.

    NLP Business

    Looking to master modelling and NLP Strategy techniques.

    NLP Master Practitioner Certification.

    All in-person training is limited to facilitate a high level of training and care for each attendee. Below are your options to enrol yourself onto  this course now and guarantee your place...

    NLP Master Practitioner

    Learning Investment


    Required for certification

    18 Days


    Masterclass / Course / Certification


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    NLP Master Practitioner

    (In-Person Only)

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    1 Full Payment

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    * Please be aware that OFFER prices may change if you select to pay over a number of instalments.

    whAT's Included

    130+ hours

    This is over the course of 15 days and excludes the assessment day.

    Assessment and Integration included.

    All training course materials, pre-work documentation and assessment included.

    Official INLPTA Certification.

    On successful qualification your certification and certificate is covered by the fee you pay.

    whAT You WILl you get and LEARN

    Course Content Knowledge & Outcome

    By the end of this course you will have an INPLTA NLP Master Practitioner certification and know the following NLP content at appropriate advanced levels of frames, concepts, principles, processed, techniques, and distinctions.

    Conscious/Unconscious Embodiment of the Legs of NLP

    Conscious/Unconscious Embodiment of the Presuppositions of NLP

    Ability to Track One's Own Epistemological Processing

    Conscious/Unconscious Multi- tracking:Multi Layered Outcomes

    Ability to Track the Epistemology of Others Epistemological Flexibility

    Conscious/Unconscious Multi- tracking: Multi Level Calibration Skills

    Ability to Track Logical Levels and
    Logical Typings

    Ability to Process Learning from Achievement

    Conscious/Unconscious Multi- tracking: Multi Level Conscious/Unconscious 

    Ability to Establish and Maintain Multiple levels of Rapport

    Ability to Separate Process from Content About Process

    Ability to Deliver Deliberate
    Multi-Level Communications

    Ability to Be At Choice With the Process of Identification and Self Evaluation
    Precision Resourcefulness

    Ability to Generalise and Contextualise the NLP Master Practitioner Content and
    Skills to Other Fields of Personal Interest

    Degree of Integration
    of NLP Master Practitioner
    Content Knowledge and Skills

    Through All Representational Systems

    Through Scope of Sensory Flexibility

    Processing Through Perceptual Sorting Flexibility

    Does this course look and sound like the right fit for you and provide what you need?

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