Learn how your Customer's think and behave with Psychology of Marketing.

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  • Who this course is for.
  • Why it this could be the perfect course for you.
  • What you will learn and get.
  • Once booked the time, date and location can be arranged directly with your trainer.

    Your trainer has worked with a number clients during a publishing and online advertising career that spans over 20+ years and is an accredited Master NLP Practitioner professional member of the internationally trusted organisation ANLP.

    Who is this for and why?

    This masterclass is for you if you are in charge of creating the marketing strategies that need to identify a perfect target market, attract ideal prospects into your marketing funnel for more sales leads.

    In a busy and congested market place, you should first ask whether you are looking for the right customers for your service or product and then ask whether you are looking in the right place. Once these things have been added to your strategy you then need to know how to maximise your chances of getting engagement form the people you are trying to attract.

    This masterclass an excellent way to question everything you are doing and thinking with regards to your customer and marketing strategy.

    If you are a marketing director creating strategies or a business that needs to know how this all works, this masterclass is perfect for you.



    Wanting to learn how to improve campaigns.

    Business Owner

    Needing to know how to attract more customers.

    Marketing Director

    Looking to improve business marketing strategies .

    Psychology of Marketing with NLP Principles

    Course Details

    This workshop masterclass currently runs as an onsite in-person workshop.
    Once booked the time, date and location can be arranged directly with your trainer.

    Psychology of Marketing with NLP Principles

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    1 Day


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    Psychology of Marketing with NLP Principles Masterclass



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    Some of whAT is Included

    6 hours

    This is over the course of the day and excludes any breaks that are included.

    Theory and Practical elements

    You will learn theory but also have the opportunity to use what you learn.

    Get expert advise on your your own adverts.

    Get feedback on current ad copy and apply the learnings during the session.


    Masterclass Content & Knowledge

    This Masterclass is broken up into 6 parts...

    PART 1: Identifying Target Audiences

    Using carefully crafted questions learn how to find out who your customers really are.

    PART 2: Effective Communication

    How to use representational systems to communicate direct to a consumer

    PART 3: Understanding Motives

    Using the motive meta-programmes optimise the performance of your messaging

    PART 4: Using Behavioural Language

    Understanding what communication style can turbo boost your customers into action.

    PART 5: Communication Model Filters

    Learn the 3 core information filters that everyone is has and uses so you can enhance your ad copy.

    PART 6: Split-Testing Variances

    Build u a library of ads and messages that can be used to carefully refine your optimum marketing messaging.

    BONUS: Defining Marketing and Sales

    Where does marketing start and sales begin, and why this matters.

    Does this course look and sound like the right fit for you and provide what you need?