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Who is a NLP Practitioner for and why?

This course is an excellent and in-depth start to your NLP journey. You will get to learn all core basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as the techniques and uses of the knowledge in the real world. If you feel that enhancing your emotional intelligence, increasing self-awareness and improving your communication skills, like building rapport, would be of use to you and you are interested in becoming an NLP Coach then the NLP Practitioner Certification is perfect for you.

this course is ideal for you if you are a

Business Owner

Looking to improve how you lead and motivate your team.

New to Coaching

Wanting to learn the secrets behind effective coaching.

Management Roles

That would benefit from advanced communication.

NLP Practitioner Certification.

All in-person training is limited to facilitate a high level of training and care for each attendee. Below are your options to enrol yourself onto  this course now and guarantee your place...

NLP Practitioner

Learning Investment

Prices vary due to options available


Required for certification

15 Days** 

130 Hours over 3 Months 


Masterclass / Course / Certification


International Level

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NLP Practitioner
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whAT's Included

130+ hours

This is over the course of 15 days and excludes the assessment day.

Assessment and Integration included.

All training course materials, pre-work documentation and assessment included.

Official INLPTA Certification.

On successful qualification your certification and certificate is covered by the fee you pay.

whAT will you get and LEARN

Course Knowledge Content & Outcome

By the end of this course you will have an INPLTA NLP Practitioner certification and be able to follow NLP content at appropriate levels of frames, concepts, principles, processed, techniques, and distinctions

This course contains the following syllabus.


NLP Practitioner
knowledge base


The Legs of NLP

Basic Inductions: Pacing & Leading

Outcome frame

The Present to Desired State Model

Basic Inductions: Overlapping

Backtrack frame 

Well Formedness Conditions for Outcomes

Anchoring: Basic Anchoring

Relevancy frame

State Management

Anchoring: Stacking anchors

As If frame


Anchoring: Collapsing anchors

Open frame

Pacing and Leading

Anchoring: Chaining anchors

Discovery frame 


Future Pacing

Contrast frame

Sensory acuity

Change Personal History

Ecology frame


Circle of Excellence

Agreement frame


Self Editing Strategies

Triple Descriptions

Representational system


Content/Context reframes


Well Formedness Conditions for Strategies

6 Step reframe


Eliciting, Calibrating, and Utilizing Strategies

Negotiating Between Parts

Eye Patterns

Pattern Interrupts

Creating a New Part



Simultaneous and Sequential Incongruity


Analogue and Digital Submodalities

Visual Squash

4-tuple, 6-tuple

Critical and Driver Submodalities

New Behaviour Generator


Phobia Cure

Chunking and Sequencing

Association and Dissociation

Swish Pattern

Basic Timeline work

V-K Dissociation

Designer Swish

In time - Through time

Double Dissociation

Standard Belief Change

Basic Modelling


Secondary Gain

Deep and Shallow Metaphors

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