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    Our trainers are certified and accredited professional members of internationally trusted organisations and proudly bring you certified courses by these recognised NLP bodies. 

    Why attend this course?

    If you have always wanted to become a more effective communicator in your workplace or in your personal life. Then our NLP Diploma is a cost effective way to learn the core skills that help build your confidence and understanding of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

    The diploma is the first step in our series of courses to put you on your way to becoming an NLP Practitioner. It is perfect for those wanting to improve their individual awareness and communication capabilities. 

    If you are considering becoming a future NLP Coach then this course will also cover elements of the NLP coaching course giving you the confidence to take the next step in your journey.

    NLP is used successfully by many high profile celebrities, business owners and entrepreneurs to enhance their communications and understanding of their audiences.

    This course is Ideal For you if you are a

    Manager and Leader

    Improve how you lead and motivate your team no matter what size.

    A Coach

    Learn the secrets behind effective coaching & how it can be applied to your specialism.

    In a Sales Role

    Increase your rapport building skills with prospects giving confidence to your company.

    In a Marketing Role

    Improve messaging and create impactful campaigns that people will remember.

    In Hospitality

    Create environments and interpersonal skills to improve your customer experience.

    In consultancy

    Offer new insights to your clients and make a difference to their business.

    NLP Diploma Certification.

    All in-person training is limited to facilitate a high level of training and care for each attendee.
    Below are your options to enrol onto this course now and guarantee your place...

    NLP Diploma

    Learning Investment

    Prices Vary due to Options Available


    Required for certification

    4 Days

    Spread Over 2 Weeks


    Masterclass / Course / Certification


    Internationally Recognised







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    NLP Diploma
    (In-Person Only)

    £899 +VAT

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    1 Full Payment

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    * Please be aware that OFFER prices may change if you select to pay over a number of instalments.

    whAT's Included

    30+ hours

    This is over the course of 4 days and excludes the assessment day.

    Assessment and Integration included.

    All training course materials, pre-work documentation and assessment included.

    Official INLPTA Certification.

    On successful qualification your certification and certificate is covered by the fee you pay.

    whAT You WILL GET and LEARN

    Course Knowledge Content & Outcome

    By the end of this course you will have an INPLTA NLP Diploma certification and be able to recognise and demonstrate ALL of the NLP skills listed below on both yourself and others.

    This course contains 3 parts.

    Part 1: NLP Attitude

    NLP Presuppositions

    • You'll be able to demonstrate behavioural integration & embodiment of the three core elements of NLP at all times.

    Part 2: NLP Knowledge, Principles, Skills & Techniques

    NLP History

    • The History of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    The Three Legs of NLP

    • Know in detail what your outcome is (and is not)
    • Have the sensory skills to know when you are achieving it
    • Have the flexibility to change your behaviour until you get it

    The NLP Communication Model,

    • The filters everyone has through which they perceive events.
    • How an external event causes an internal representation,
    • The effect of internal representations on our state, physiology and behaviour,


    • How to build and improve relationship skills.
    • Matching & mirroring,
    • How people like people who are like themselves
    • Pacing & leading,
    • How to test whether you have built a successful relationship,

    Sensory Acuity

    • Fine tuning your senses to better understand the reactions of others (and yourself!)

    The Feedback Model

    • How to give and receive feedback positively

    Well-formed Outcomes

    • Ensuring that what you think you want really is what you want

    An Introduction to Submodalities

    • Understanding how you (and others) think
    • Change of Perspective / NBG (New Behaviour Generator)
    • A simple tool for solving problems and generating creativity


    • The power of positive language
    • Say what you want to happen, not what you don't!


    • The essentials of negotiating


    • Words that create mindsets (if, but, try)
    • Visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic styles,
    • How to recognise them and use them to improve your communication,
    • Presuppositions of NLP
    • Keys to personal development,
    • Simple kinaesthetic anchoring

    An introduction to Timelines

    • Discover how you personally structure time, and how to place a clear goal in your future.

    Part 3: NLP Behavioural Skills

    Demonstrate integration of learnings

    • You will be able to behaviourally demonstrate ALL of the NLP skills listed above in both yourself and with others.

    Does this course look and sound like the right fit for you and provide what you need?

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