There are certain roles, functions and structures that are transferable to all business. Our expertise covers all aspects of leading and operating a successful business. NLP Principles™ masterclasses and workshops are organised in a way that allows you to firstly identify a function or area of business, and then select a topic based on the area that you feel will provide the greatest impact for the needs you currently have.


Build Your Business Vision
& Plan Workshop

If you are a business leader, entrepreneur  or just starting a business it is essential to know where you are heading in order to start the journey to achieving. This workshop helps you look at every aspect of a business and create a detailed future facing vision that all decisions and progress can be measured against.

Motivational & Emotional Intelligent
Leadership for Managers

Leadership can mean different things to different people - and this in itself highlights the challenges when leading people. If you lead a team of people you will know that each of them have their own behavioural differences. This masterclass trains you to identify three key preferences people have and in-turn how to vary your communication and actions to lead them effectively.

Innovation & Creative Solutions Workshop
for leadership teams

A team can get stuck doing things in a certain way because that is how it has always been done. There are times when a new creative solution is required especially when there appears to be no options left!

Business Process Enhancement:
Finding Hidden Opportunity Workshop

Whether is is to drive efficiency, create succession plans for key staff or build new products for new customers, process creation is fundamental. It is hard to step back and really discover what is going into a process - some may even believe every instance of action is bespoke (rarely the case!). This workshop will train you to not only model what you can see in behaviour but also the stages or a process that are hidden from most... the thinking!


Psychology of Marketing:
Identify & get the attention of ideal customers

In a busy and congested market place, you should first ask whether you are looking for the right customers for your service or product and then ask whether you are looking in the right place. If you are in charge of creating a marketing strategy that needs to primarily identify a perfect target market to then attract ideal prospects into your marketing funnel for more sales leads, this is a workshop for you.

Advanced Linguistics for
Digital Advertising

Ever wondered how your customer's mind works? What get's their attention and what motivates them to take action? Learn how do you maximise your chances of customer engagement and them clicking on your posts or ads? If you are a marketer running campaigns or you run a business and you either have existing campaigns or want to launch new ones, this masterclass is perfect for you.

Positive Persuasion & Influencing
In-Person Sales 

If you  are a high performing sales person you know that it is essential to start a sales interaction with questions about what the customer wants. This masterclass not only helps you know what these questions need to be but also provides training on rapid rapport building, language patterns and pacing and leading a conversation.


Effective Recruitment:
Identifying & getting the right people
in the right roles

So you need to hire people for your company or team. Most start this venture looking for people with the right capability or skill and sure, this will work to an extent but where you can really level up recruitment is by identifying not only the exact tasks someone will do but also by identifying who that person will work with to ensure you gain new team members that will enhance your capability and also contribute positively to the morale and team spirit.